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1-100 Flashcards

These numbers Flashcards reads from 0 to 100. They are a wonderful tool for teaching number recognition to your LOs. They help them boost their counting and grouping skills and their overall understanding of numbers and the relationship to each other. They can be used at home, in schools, and is convenient for carrying in the backpack. They are larger than our other variant of Flashcards in the storage pack.

100 Pieces Magnetic Tiles

You can create anything imaginable with these magnetic tiles. Our  magnetic tiles are very colorful and have magnets along their edges, which allow children to build any type of structures they want (homes, castles, cars, flowers, shapes). For younger children, this encourages them to learn their colors, allows them to sort by shape and color (used for math skills), helps them recognize shapes and understand sizes. As children get older, magnetic tiles will improve your child’s critical thinking skills, problem solving, imaginative play and creativity. Children struggling with sensory issues, attention and focus, motor planning, spatial awareness and fine motor skills greatly benefit from this toy as well. Suitable from age 3

123/shape Hand Grab Puzzle

Are you still stalling on purchasing these boards? Perfect for teaching beginners basic ABC and 123. In no time you see your LO already identifying alphabets and numbers. We currently have - Uppercase ABC board - Lowersace abc board - 1-10 with shapes - 1-20 - Shapes

ABC Hand Grab Puzzle

Is your LO starting school in the next academic session? Do you want to get them started with educational resources before school resumption? Our wooden hand grasp puzzles are very effective for teaching children to identify the alphabets and numbers, shapes and colors from age 1. Before my son could recite his ABC or 123, he already knew the letters and numbers anywhere he saw them. Even though he didn’t know how to pronounce well, he voiced out the letters. We have the hand grasp boards available in - Uppercase alphabets - Lowercase alphabets - 1-20 - 1-10 with shapes - Shapes

Alphanumeric Ball

Balls are must-have toys. You can introduce them to your baby very early on because they immediately strengthen motor skills and familiarize little ones with their environment. All children can benefit from (and will likely enjoy) rolling, catching, kicking, dribbling, and tossing a ball—an inexpensive, readily available, and versatile toy. Playing with balls improves kids' motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and timing, which are important parts of the developmental progression of toddlers. Our Alphanumeric Toy Ball serves as an early educational toy which has alphabets on one side of the fabric, and has numbers on the reverse. The ball also has a ding sound which makes it attractive for play.

Digital Clock Box

FEATURES 1. The board is double sided, one side is with clock and math number, the other side is black. Kids can draw in the blackboard or it could be used for home tutoring. 2. Sticks are in 4 different colors, so you can teach kids to learn the color first, then let kids counting out the total number of sticks in each color. 3. By reading the blocks, kids will learn numbers and maths. Then you can use the stick to teach kids simple maths such as Add, subtract, multiply and divide. 4. Time and clock learning with cute small clock. The package contains: 1. Wooden storage box 2. 100 Counting sticks 3. Writing black board 4. Colored chalk for writing 5. Board cleaner 6. Learning clock 7. Number tiles 1-100 8. Symbols tiles

English Letter Learning Card

Children can recognize the shape of the letters, and spell different words. A great way for children to learn their letters, and is ideal for helping to develop letter recognition and prereading skills. FEATURES: The back of the cards is writable and can be wiped clean easily for kids to practice writing. - All cards are printed with bright colors and cute animals or objects to improve children color recognition skills. - 6 Different colors wooden letter blocks also match the color of letters placements on the cards. The set includes; - 26 flashcards for alphabet A-Z - 26 smooth wooden letters to correspond with the learning cards. - Wooden blocks come with a storage pouch. - Storage box for learning cards. - Writing pen 🖊

Geometric Stacker Macaroon

Features: 1. High quality wooden material. 2. Four different geometric shapes and color sorting blocks. 3. Helps develops skills such as shape recognition, color recognition, manual dexterity, and hand-eye coordination. 4. The shape and color block helps kids build early shape, color and size differentiation as well as promote their physical and intellectual development.

Jollybaby Crocodile Feet

Whose feet are these??? Turn the pages to find out whose feet are down below. The best toys for kids are those that encourage interaction. This squeaking, crinkling, foot-filled cloth book is durably constructed to last through story time, playtime, and the washing machine, too! Suitable from 3months, mostly enjoyed by toddlers.

Knob Puzzle

This item is becoming one of our fast selling items. All designs are available, but we sell randomly. Please contact us using the WhatsApp link if you have any preference to check for availability. Hurry now to place your order on your preferred picture. Suitable from age 1 and is used to introduce the world of puzzling to the young minds 😁

Magic Writing Books

In 1 Magic practice books includes Alphabet writing, Number writing, Maths book (Addition and subtraction), Drawing book. It also comes with the matching refill magic ink and a cute pen holder. The refill ink automatically wipes/dries off in 30 minutes after writing, so the copybook can be used repeatedly. The magic writing book has three-dimensional groove design with standard writing format. High-quality paper, strong and durable. The magic writing book has a detailed description of how to hold the pen, and a silicone handwriting aid is provided to facilitate children to master the method of holding pen. It’s easier to correct the posture of holding pen and writing method. In addition, constant practice with this book will not only develop hand eye coordination, but also start your child early with the learning to write. Suitable from writing age of 3.