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2-in-1 Table Top Easel for Kids

This 2-in-1 drawing easel has one side as a chalkboard and the other side as a magnetic whiteboard. The whiteboard allows your child to be creative with a non-permanent marker and magnetic letters. The chalkboard can be colored with a dust-free chalk. Please Note: Clean the blackboard with damp cloth. The package also comes with a magnetic set of alphabets, numbers, and geometric shapes for hours of creative fun, marker, board cleaner and chalk. Dimension: 40x27x17cm when assembled Suitable from Age 2-6

Crinkle Sensory Toy with Rattle and Teether

The crinkle sensory toy features colorful art on one side and a sensory fabric on the other side. It is made with a layer of crinkle paper which attracts babies. It also has a squeaker within the sheets. Additional features are; - Hanging ring for hanging on baby stroller - A teether - A rattle ring What’s there not to love πŸ’• Size is 19cm x 19cm Suitable from 3months of age.

Crinkle Square

Babies enjoy toys that allow them to use many of their senses. Crinkle toys are fun because they make noise easily, with very little effort. One mom said her baby loves paper and will chew and tear up any paper or book once he lays hands on them πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€. This was a perfect soft book/toy to calm him down. So what are you waiting for to order for your little one? Or your niece or nephew?

Flashcard set

Generally, flashcards help children improve their knowledge and ability to understand and improve visual memory. Each pack comes with a ring holder and a storage pack.

Soft building blocks

These soft blocks are great for fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Bright colors encourage reaching and grasping, and soft textures and rattle sound engage the senses. 7*7*7cm is the perfect size to your little ones. Kids can stack it up, and then knocking them down, toss them, bang them, but no damage. Blocks comes with a storage pouch.