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Gift Wrapping

Do you need the toys to be wrapped for presentation as a gift? We can get this done for you at a fee. The wrapping is per item. If you have more than three items to wrap, please send us a message using the WhatsApp icon to negotiate a discount on wrapping.

Toy Xylophone

Kids emotions are influenced and inspired by learning and playing music. Playing with this brightly colored xylophone cultivate creativity and eye-hand coordination. It provides long-term benefits for kids’ intellectual development. Why You Choose Our Childhood Xylophone 1. Made with durable, non-toxic materials, this wooden xylophone comes assembled with each key accurately tuned - ideal for playing in harmony with other musical instruments or recordings. 2. Introduce your toddler to the world of music with this wooden xylophone musical toy. With eight colorful keys that produce clear and delightful sounds, along with two wooden mallets. 3. Exercise your child’s creativity with musical toys. that’s ideal for toddlers and children to compose their own music. The differently-sized and colorful keys allow your young musicians to learn more about basic musical concepts and visual guides for the different tones. 4. Perfect gift for children.